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Primary and Process Water

Demineralization plants

Ultrapure water production plants

Rain water treatment plant

Cooling plants

Softening plants

Evaporation and distillation plants

Potabilization plants

Arsenic and manganese removal plants

Desalination plants

Iron removal plants

Filtration plants

Disinfection plants

Underground water treatment plants

  • Hard water softening
  • Fluoride romoval
  • Actived carbon filtration for organic compounds absorption
  • Quarz and hydro antracit filtration for suspended solids
  • Underground water treatment and filtration
  • Rain water treatment
  • Pollutants absorption systems
  • Cooling towers and process water cooling systems
  • Vacuum and heat pump evaporators
  • Hot water and multi-stage evaporators
  • Iron removal systems
  • UV treatment
  • Chlorination treatment
  • Rain water recovery and reuse
  • Stripping systems
Simpec designs and constructs incoming and process water treatment plants for industries.

Our company produces also water potabilization and filtration treatment plants for human consumption.

Simpec produces and rents plants for underground water treatment and for reclamation of contaminated sites.

Simpec is able also to produce filtration systems and treatment plants of water destined to pharmaceutical use.